Teaching Kindness At McDonald’s

For my parents In the light of this year's Thanksgiving Day, I'm sharing this story from 14 years ago about my parents teaching me and my sister about kindness through happy meal. A little story to remind ourselves about being grateful for everything we are blessed with and using those blessings to offer a kind… Continue reading Teaching Kindness At McDonald’s


World Mental Health Day

For the younger me I am grateful for my past toxic relationship. I am grateful for my bullying past. I am grateful for the dark times that had taught me a lot. Obviously, I would've chosen to learn in a different way, but we can't control what happened/what's happening to us. We can only control… Continue reading World Mental Health Day

Crying In A Small Garden

The lights are glimmering in pretty colors: yellow, blue, green. The sky is navy dark - the kind of dark that doesn’t isolate you from the light completely - the kind of dark that doesn’t make you forget the sun is shining somewhere else, waiting for its turn to shine where you are. The breeze… Continue reading Crying In A Small Garden

New Discoveries From Living Away Solo

For those far from home Morals of my story from 2015-present. Lots and lots of crying I used to cry every few minutes on the trip to the airport at my hometown until the night I arrived back at my place. I cried at the departure hall, the plane, the GrabCar, my place, and finally… Continue reading New Discoveries From Living Away Solo

My Head’s In Three Places

I recently posted a Question slot on Instagram and asked my followers what they want to know about me. One of my best friends, @vernandoengrio, who endlessly supports me in anything that I do or say or show (end-less-ly, there ain't got a time when he misses it) wants to know three things that I… Continue reading My Head’s In Three Places